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Concussion Clinic

Information on Concussions in Sports

Faith Christian Athletics desires to provide and refer our athletes to the best services in the area around us. FCS Athletic Department as well as our State Association (NCISAA) has adopted the NEW standards and NC Law regarding Concussion in Sports.

FCS Athletics has partnered with Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic for all Concussion Related injuries. For severe head injuries in which a neurologist is recommended, we have doctors at Duke that will handle these issues.

If a concussion is suspected, the FCS Athletic Department, Medical Staff, and/or coach will contact you about your athlete as per the NC Concussion Law. The athlete cannot return to play until seen and released by a licensed physician and the NC Concussion Return to Play Form is signed by the physician.

If you suspect you child has a concussion, please notify the FCS Athletic Department as soon as possible. It is in the best interest of your athlete to be safe and precaucious than risk their lives and risk a 2nd impact.

About Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic:

Physicians and Physician Assistants

Our providers have had extensive training in management of sports-related concussions. Since all of our doctors are sports-medicine fellowship trained and both of our PA’s are also certified athletic trainers, the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic houses some of the most experienced practitioners in the area.

 Our providers share a strong desire of staying up to date in all areas of sports medicine, with concussion management at the forefront.

 With numerous youth sports leagues, schools, and active individuals, we pride ourselves in our active, multi-disciplinary approach to management of sport-related concussion.

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